Forever Your Girlfriend


Dear Future Husband,

Let me forever be your girlfriend.

Never forget the feelings you felt when you first laid your eyes on me and decided to pursue. Always remember the first time you dialed my number.. Our first phone call. Remember how genuine it was.. How sincere we were.. The innocence? Think back on our dates. You courted me as if you’ve finally found THE Queen to complete your kingdom and you would do absolutely anything to make me yours forever. You opened EVERY door.. pulled out EVERY chair. Covered EVERY check.. Held the umbrella over my head as you were completely soak and wet. And the proposal. How could we ever forget your proposal. You made it absolutely impossible to say anything but yes. You’ve wooed me since day one. I’ve always felt irreplaceable, special and incomparably beautiful. The way you look at me is unexplainable. Long story long, let’s never become complacent.. Let’s always go higher.. Let’s remember where we started and use that as the standard.. Let’s always be dating.

Love You Always,
Your Eternal Girlfriend


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