I Loved You.

I loved you.
I loved you even when it hurt me..
Yes, your love hurt me.
But I loved you so none of that mattered because

You befriended me.
A friendship indescribable with words but undeniable to the eyes.
We unknowingly met each other’s needs which caused us to succeed.

You see, I trusted you.
I trusted you to in the end make the right decision but

You lied.
Not with your words but with your life
Because if you truly loved me like you claim you did then we would be together.

You blamed me.
You never said anything but your absence of words spoke volumes.
I expressed how I felt and just assumed that your grasp was my reply.
I know that true love is patient but after all these years of silence with no hint of your future becoming OUR future I now see that

You misunderstood me.
Yes, I loved you through your good and your bad.
And yes, I didn’t erase your future because of your past.
But that was because in your past I saw your future.
I saw things in you that you didn’t see in yourself but even still

You played me.
Like I was some sort of side chick when in reality I should have been your only.
I guess I was just supposed to play my role by rooting on the sidelines and always be around when you needed me.
And I was always there…

But what about when I needed you?
After all this time, wasn’t I worthy enough to receive some sideline support?

I was available.
And you knew it.
So you always did just enough to keep me around.
It was convenient for you to have a backup plan.

Wait…a backup plan?

Did you honestly think that I would always be around?
Well I guess that’s where you thought wrong
Because despite the fact that you initially treated me like a Queen,
There aren’t enough memories in this story for me to wait on the sidelines for a lifetime.

I loved you.
And that’s where I went wrong.
But you don’t have to worry because that “d” at the end means that it’s past tense
And that love is now gone..

Message – Don’t take advantage of what you can’t live without.


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