10 Helpful Hints to Improve Your Relationship!


  1. Solidify your friendship.
    1. I believe the biggest part of a successful relationship isn’t found in intimacy or great communication but in friendship. If your relationship is built upon a solid friendship, it’s sure to stand the test of time. I have always been a strong advocator of the “friends first” mentality. Once you have a foundation in friendship everything else on this list will come seemingly effortlessly.
  2. Communicate regularly and creatively
    1. In today’s day and age there is NO excuse for you not to communicate regularly with your significant other. You all can call, text, email, write letters, instant massage, Skype, facetime and so much more. Nothing will ever compare to face to face interaction but if your schedule is anything like mines, it’s time to get creative! Send him a random selfie with a love note attached. Unexpectantly facetime her just to say I love you. Constant and creative communication will help to strengthen your relationship.
  3. Find common goals
    1. No one will agree on everything all the time, but find something that you both would like to achieve (both short and long term) on work towards it together. This will keep your passions ignited and establish a sense of community between you and your love bug. What are your common goals?
  4. Show appreciation
    1. A “thank you” will always go a long way. Most people want to feel valued and appreciated…your partner is no different. Say thank you, write a thank you note and slip it into their purse or wallet, pick up the check, hold them an extra second longer while hugging goodbye, buy their favorite “pick me up”…let your appreciation be shown both verbally and physically.
  5. Do things together
    1. Realistically speaking, you spend enough time apart! Plan a romantic Saturday night, disconnect from the world (no cells, no computers, no nothing) and reconnect to one another, add some spontaneity – just pick up and go…take a day trip, switch it up and do things the other person likes, go to the movies, make a picnic, go bike riding, take a stroll to the park, attend a poetry event, listen to live music, etc. etc. There’s so much life to live, do it together!
  6. Be honest
    1. As my mother always told me, “If it’s not the full and absolute truth, it’s nothing but a lie.” Don’t stretch the truth, tell a lie or without bits and pieces of information from your partner. Despite what you’ve done or how it may make them feel, your truth will always hold more weight than a lie or “partial truth.”
  7. Know each other’s schedule
    1. Knowledge is power. Cut back on misunderstandings or conflicting plans. When knowing one another’s schedule it helps you to schedule time to communicate regularly (there’s nothing wrong with having a “system” in place), work towards your common goals together, spend time in each other’s presence, plan “us” time and so much more!
  8. Become an expert on your partner
    1. You should strive to know your significant other in and out! Simply put – the more you know, the more you’ll grow.
  9. Take “personal” days
    1. Sometimes you will need a “me day” to refresh and refocus on what’s important. Make yourself a priority because if you’re not in a good place mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally, it will spill over into your love life.
  10. Seek to understand
    1. In all thy getting, GET AN UNDERSTANDING. No need to always be right or try to make them see things from your perspective. Take a step back, shut your mouth, and open your ears. Try your best to get an understanding in EVERY situation – good and bad.

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