~Sometimes silence is the loudest form of communication~

My silence comes from the unknown words that are yet to be spoken
It comes from the confusion bestowed upon me by the lack of words verbalized between the two of us
It comes from not knowing when, why, or how to tell you how I truly feel…
Or could this silence be the only way I can truly express to you my real feelings
Could it be that I’ve already said too much?
Which no longer makes me silent but more so speechless…
Is it that your love language is so different from mines that when I speak it’s like a foreign language to you
Does the only way we can effectively communicate occur only when I become speechless and walk in silence?
If so, just let me know and I’ll let my actions speak louder than my words ever could.
I will show you better than I can tell you just how much I really care and want this thing we called a “relationship” to work out
Or am I not to call this a relationship?
Which sends me back to step one..
Because we truly haven’t “called” us anything or said much about where we are heading.
Honestly now that I think about it…we haven’t said too much about where we stand.
But once again I have to remember that we haven’t said  much at all.
I see I’ve done it again.
Rambling on and on, trying to figure it all out.
So I must digress and remain silent until you’re ready to tell me how you truly feel.
Because in the end, I’d rather walk in a peaceful silence with you than hand in hand in an endless conversation with someone of lesser value.

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