Disney Movie Lessons – Pt 1: Aladdin

I don’t think we realize just how much we learn from Disney movies!

In the movie Aladdin, he unexpectedly found his very best friend while on the quest to find something he thought would be over more value. He wasn’t seeking friendship, loyalty, or love but that’s exactly what he received after meeting Genie!

Genie had an unfailing ability to make Aladdin laugh and bring him joy. His was his number one supporter as well as provider. He gave him advice, encouraged him to be truthful and to be himself (especially when it came to his relationship with Jazmine). When you find a on-of-a-kind friend like Genie, your life will be irrevocably changed. Genie believed in Aladdin when he didn’t even believe in himself. Genie was totally selfless and valued freedom more than anything…the same can be true with Jesus. He can and will be all these things AND MORE if you welcome Him into your life. He’s not asking you to change but I guarantee that you’ll become a better person from your relationship with Jesus!


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