Cherish Your Friends


Cherish your friends. I’ve always been REALLY big on friendship! Anyone who knows me knows that I go extremely hard when it comes to my friends. Many believe it’s because my best friend passed away on Mother’s Day my senior year of high school. But even before then I didn’t take friendship lightly, especially when it came to her! I can say that once she passed, the intensity, passion and unconditional love for my friends did intensify. After losing a friend, you begin to appreciate, value and understand the importance of friendship. You cherish the moments you have together and look forward to making future memories that will last forever. Just like family, friends are the most important part of your life because unlike family, you choose them, they aren’t chosen for you. So treasure the tears, laughter and most importantly the memories but good friends are hard to come by and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

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