No Fear



Only Focus.

Many wonder where my passion lies

I could say writing, fashion, or the purity inbetween my thighs

But the truth is my passion lies in Christ and His word

By His guidance, His hands, and His voice that I’ve heard

For years they’ve said that, I’m ‘just too deep’

And after struggling, battling, and trying to find my way

His still, soft voice told me, “Your deepness is here to say.”

Hearing confirmation that in Him is where I belong

Helps me not to get side-tracked when fear comes along

Knocking at my door to make me not see things crystal clear

Distractions and attacks are unexpected like the headlights to a deer

Trying to cross the road in darkness to find his way home

The destination seems so far but it’s in the journey that He’s made me strong

‘Girl you’re so fearless’ is what they like to say

But it’s in my focus on my passion that keeps me here day to day…

What are you focusing on?


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