Unique “Must Try” Workouts

It’s time to switch it up! Break out of your normal routines by trying one of our Unique ‘Must Try” Workouts!


1. Trampoline Fitness


Do you remember how much fun you use to have jumping on your trampoline as a kid? You didn’t even know you were working out because you were having so much fun. Well, let’s get back to the basics! A 10 minute bounce is the same as a half hour run.

Benefits: Stimulates your metabolism. Increases oxygen capacity. Improves your sense of balance. Increases oxygen circulation to tissues. Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands. Strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health). Increases energy and sense of vitality. Firms and tones the muscles.

2. Shack Track & Field


So what’s your workout motivation? Mines, eating afterwards! How befitting that the AMAZING Shake Shack has a free workout club! Meetings happen monthly for runners and cyclists ( yogis too) who want to work out, then down some drinks and burgers. Best part – the first drink is on Shake Shack after every event!

3.  Aqua Cycling


Biking and water? What could possibly be better?!?! The best of both worlds!

The benefits include supercharged calorie burn (from pedaling against water resistance), low to no impact on joints, and feeling “blissfully energized” because “the human body contains about 60% water” and “when you cycle in the water, you find yourself.”

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