Champagne Taste, Beer Budget

Last week one of my co-workers jokingly said, “I have a beer budget with champagne taste…”

Her simple play on words really made me wonder, how many people have a similar struggle? I too like the finer things in life – luxury hotels, international vacations, 5 star restaurants, etc. etc. but I had to learn that while my current status is still working middle class, some sacrifices must be made in order to manifest these things in my life. I had to ask myself, what do I want more – Memories or Materialism? Stability or Spontaneity? Luxury or Legacy? My answer? I want it all!

You must learn that life is all about the choices you make. One of the biggest lessons I learned along this journey was balance. Adding change to my pockets is nice but helping change someone’s life is even better… So when it came to the decision of Memories or Materialism, I chose memories. There is absolutely nothing wrong with material items, as long as you purchase them in moderation. I chose memories because life has shown me that experience is the greatest teacher. If I am not exposed to greater things, then how can I help someone else come out of a closed/restricted/limited mindset? I won’t say that I’ve taken materialism completely out of the equation but instead of dressing like celebrities, I’ve decided to “live” like them by vacationing at similar destinations.

Stability or Spontaneity? This was a hard one for me. For many years, I’ve longed for stability…but at what cost? Was I willing to totally cancel spontaneity out of my life? This is where self-discipline and balance entered in. I had to learn how and WHEN to say no. By now you know that traveling is one of my favorite pastimes. Any time a friend or family member asked me to join them on a trip, I would immediately answer yes without any thought. Yes, this provided me with many memories and life experiences but I still lacked in the financial stability department. I had to make the decision to find a balance and to keep my spontaneous adventures within reason.

Luxury or Legacy? Once you have went through the process of choosing between memories or materialism, stability or spontaneity…luxury or legacy should come effortlessly.

In closing, do everything in moderation and find balance.


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