Is It Possible to Pray Without Ceasing?

Most times I pray for my friends, family and even strangers more than I pray for me.

When I read that the Bible says “pray without ceasing” I use to wonder how was that possible. “So I’m supposed to pray 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Not possible! 😞” Then one day I looked up and realized that I really do pray without ceasing. It’s not always long, drawn out prayers but if someone crosses my mind I say a quick, “Lord please cover and protect them” or if I see a social media post asking for prayer, of something that saddens (or angers) me, or from someone going through something, I pray. When I’m on the subway or walking to work and I see a homeless person, someone in pain or having a hard time walking, a mean or angry person, or someone who just looks sad, I pray. When people text, inbox, call or ask me to pray, I do. When things are going on in StL, NYC, America AND the world, I pray. I pray because that’s the battlefield I’ve been called to. I understand the power and importance of prayer. I know how to go boldly to the throne to shift the atmosphere and change circumstances. I not only know…but I do. I’ve marched, rallied and screamed to the top of my lungs because I understand the power of numbers and my words. I’ve had fights in the street and in the spirit…and I know now that natural fights have NOTHING on spiritual warfare. Prayer commands God to intervene in things you have no control or power to change on your own.

I said all this to say, prayer is important. You never know, you just may be saving someone’s life.

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