Ballers (TV) Review

There are few shows that allow for a vacation while also escaping into a way of life of a certain few. The new HBO show Ballers does exactly that by giving viewers just a taste of what it really means to be an athlete.

It follows Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a former football player for the Miami Dolphins as he transitions and reinvents himself as a financial advisor for new and established football players. It also tackles some of the issues that are big at the moment regarding the game of football such as what happens every time the human body takes a blow specifically the brain. Another issue that it examines is the issue of money and how it handle and how so many athletes go from very rich while playing to dirt poor after football.

For even greater entertainment it covers both life after football and the fabulous devilish taste of life as a football player at the height of his game with all the money, alcohol and women any male athlete can handle all while living life in Miami.

Check out the show each Sunday night at 10pm on HBO.

By: Camille Daniels

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