Push Yourself

Honestly speaking, you can receive all the encouragement and inspiration in the world from others but if you aren’t pushing yourself then you’ll get nowhere!

Yesterday, I went bike riding for the first time in years and it was exhilarating! To say it was easy would be a lie but to say that it was empowering would perfectly describe my venture. I went with two of my closest friends and although we consistently encouraged one another verbally, it was each individual’s job to push down their bike pedal in order to keep the bike moving. My friends couldn’t push my legs for me, they were busy pushing themselves up the hill. In life, if you’re blessed enough to be surrounded by genuine people who sincerely support you, appreciate them, but also remember that you must put in work towards your goals!

There’s just something special about PUSHING YOURSELF beyond your limits – it’s edifying! I was hot, tired, out of breath, sweaty and my legs were burning but I kept pushing myself up the hill! I felt extremely accomplished and proud of myself. I even felt like I could go higher! Instead of continuing in the feeling of being tired, I was now inspired. My desire to make it to the top was stronger than the current pain I was going through. So my question to you is, how bad do you want it? Will you let your current feelings, circumstances, tiredness or doubts stop you from reaching the top? From bettering yourself? From living your best life yet?

Take the limits off of yourself. Eat a salad, take the stairs, go to the gym, etc. Today I challenge you to PUSH YOURSELF. Do something that you haven’t done in a while…you never know, it may be just the push you need to grow higher in every aspect of your life.

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