DOPE (Movie Review)

The moment I sat down and watched the film ‘Dope’ I immediately felt something that I rarely feel when watching a movie and that’s envy. I felt envy for the kids younger then myself who could actually say this movie was made during their teenage years.

The movie itself is simply a work of true creativity, originality and genius. It was authentic in that it truly reflected the present times and the past. The subject matter is both universal and unique of the black experience. So many young black teens regardless of gender who do their best to work hard academically and just happen to come from low-income neighborhoods with the kind of grades wanting to make it into the Ivy league who are constantly trying to figure out how to present themselves. It poses the question do I go by the story you assume I’m supposed to tell or do I tell my own truth?

If you feel you’re too old to connect to the story-line of a young man trying to apply to a college that most would deem impossible and the experience he has in that process then let’s talk about the soundtrack. It’ll feel like a step back to the 1990s where rap music and hip-hop culture was finally being taken both seriously and a lot fun.

Dope really does live up to its title and is something for everyone of at least 16 years of age and has a decent knowledge of the history of hip hop.

By: Camille Daniels


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