Sibling Rivalry

sibling rivalry

What is sibling rivalry? Well, the definition of sibling rivalry is the jealousy, competition and fighting between brothers and sisters. In my household sibling rivalry is displayed by eating each other’s food without asking, racing to be first when someone says they have to use the restroom and wrestling one another to the ground if you don’t get your way. You see, my younger brother makes it his priority to show me just how bigger than me he really is. He says that this is “payback” from all the years that I was bigger than him. The nerve! He says it as if I spent all of our younger years beating up on him or “showing him who was boss.” I don’t quite recall all of what I did to deserve such treatment but he does absolutely anything that could possibly annoy me or be used to get under my skin. Every time we’re reunited, I know that at any given moment he can (and will) burst into my room and get to messing with me and trying to wrestle. Actually, he doesn’t care where we are! Home, a friend’s house, THE GROCERY STORE!

One might consider this annoying but I actually enjoy it. You see, my brother isn’t as much of a communicator as my mother and I. He shows his love through his actions. When he comes into my room to “mess” with me, that’s actually him showing me that he misses me. Granted, this isn’t always the case when we’re fighting, arguing or competing for our mother’s attention, 9 times out of 10, my brother annoying me is his way of spending time with me. Does his methods get on my nerves sometimes? Yes. Would I have it any other way? No. We’re the best of friends and our “rivalry” is actually our normal way of life.

I just hope 10 years from now we’re not still wrestling to show our love. He’s getting strong. Lol. Enjoy the below clip that briefly shows you exactly what I’m talking about.


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