Why Eat Right?!

eat right

Every week we encourage you to “eat right!” But how exactly does eating “right” benefit you? There are thousands of answers we could give you for this question but today we will focus on the top 5 reasons eating right will benefit you.

1. You’ll be happier – what you eat impacts your brain! What you think determines how you live.

2. You’ll live longer – healthy food, long life! Eating healthy helps to avoid diseases that could cut your life short.

3. You’ll be more productive – food fuels the body! Cars run better with premium gas and so will you.

4. You’ll eat less  – quality over quantity! Fresh foods fill you up because they contain less low-nutrient fillers

5. You’ll control your weight – junk food adds! Healthy food choices will help you lose weight. Examples: Water over soda, vegetables over snacks, fruits over candy, etc.

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