Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success – Steve Harvey

“Your gift is a calling, are you ready to answer?

Recently, I just finished reading Steve Harvey’s latest book, “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success” and simply put…it was the perfect reminder. Steve took the lessons received from his life experiences and compiled them into a success guide for his supporters. Whether you’re a recent graduate, at a peak in your success or trying to figure out what’s next, “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success” is for you!

I absolute love what Steve did with this book. Steve shared his story, his learnings, his wisdom and then asked you questions to make you think of ways to apply some of his strategies to your life.  He also provided space within each chapter of the book for you to write down your answers, goals, plans and thoughts. Not only did he provide quality work with his words that will help transform the lives of millions, he backed it up with a success plan to help you implement your goals and succeed in every area of life.

Steve believes that each and every one of us is born with a gift – a gift that allows you to live a life of joy, peace and prosperity. He states, “The challenge that we all face, is to identify that gift, learn how to cultivate that gift and then use that gift to create personal success” and that’s exactly what he helps you to accomplish through this book. But it doesn’t stop there! Steve and his team have created The Act Like a Success Movement! He says, “I’m on a mission of empowering, educating, inspiring and motivating you to create success in every area of your life.” Through books, seminars, programs, his live tour, other experts, leaders and industry insiders Steve has created a platform to help you win! He’s also created The Steve Harvey Success Institute that provides you with the solution for the questions, “What’s next for you?” and “How will you get there?”

The backing that Steve created to go along with his book was phenomenal and one of the greatest examples of how to use your gift to the max. He developed an entire platform from a book filled with his successes and failures. I was beyond inspired by the fact that he took his book further than just a book tour and a few keynote speaking engagements. Oh, and what my favorite part of the book? …I’m glad you asked! It was the vision board section! I love making vision boards and watching them manifest in my life. “Write the vision, make it plain.” – Habakkuk 2:2

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