Stay Focused.

Dear Self,

I know you have BIG plans for the future but remember, you have an even bigger destiny awaiting your arrival. You must FOCUS like never before on the task at hand until you’ve not only mastered, but have become successful in it.

With such big dreams, it’s easy to feel excited, overwhelmed, frustrated, encouraged, anxious, confused, happy, pulled every way, inspired, clouded or stressed. Sometimes you may even become so eager that you start trying to implement all of your plans at once. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious  but when your ambition begins to weigh you down and create stumbling blocks, take a step back and FOCUS. At times, visionaries may struggle with totally dedicating all their energies towards one major goal because they are forward-thinkers but it will be through the power of FOCUS that you will reach life-changing monuments, receive everlasting riches and become successful.

In closing, never forget all the dreams and plans you have for your life! THEY WILL COME TRUE. It will be through one great idea that fully manifests in your life and reaches excellence that will make room and open the door for all the rest.

FOCUS = Follow ONE Course Until Successful.

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