On June 30th, Miguel will be dropping his third studio album entitled Wildheart.

“I really am wild-hearted,” Miguel explains during an interview at Hot 97. “I’m wild at heart. It just means I follow my instincts and that’s what this album’s about…” During an interview with Billboard, RCA Executive Mark Pitts had much to say about Miguel and his forthcoming album. “He’s more confident, and it’s going to show in the music, his look and in the videos. Miguel is ready to push the button. His first album was about trials and tribulations. The second was OK, we’re here; I wasn’t bugging. And now it’s here we go. He wants people to understand who he is. He’s tired of people asking who are you, what’s that, do you like girls?” He tells me, “I want everyone to know I am wild, funny, edgy and love women. I need this album to connect.

Now that Miguel has his confidence up and ready to be his true, “wildhearted” self, we’re looking forward to hearing his new music!

And so the countdown begins…29 days.


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