You Inspire Me

you inspire me

What I admire most about my generation is our push through power. We refuse to settle for less or stay within the confines of our comfort zone just to acquire some since of safety and stability. I love it! Everyone is chasing after their dreams and enduring the struggle so that they can live their dreams. You all inspire me.

Every time I see a friend post a new fashion piece, have another art exhibition, actively pursue change in the community, use their platform to be a voice for justice, scouting ways to break into the health industry, upload content onto their blog, fight for entrepreneurship, perform at a dance recital, persevering to get back to impacting lives on college campuses, rap a new song, not let the stress of an Accounting career weigh them down, raising their families, providing their children, furthering their education, striving for new heights in their career or legacy building…I’m inspired.

Know that your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Keep pressing loves and NEVER GIVE UP!

“You have to push through these beginners bumps in order to live in the billionaire blessings. Let nothing stop you.” – Cassondra Lenoir.

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