Brotherly Love – NYC Premiere

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The star-studded cast from the new film, Brotherly Love recently attended the New York premiere which was held at the AMC Magic Johnson Theaters. The movie was directed by Jamal Hill and produced by Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit and that was released in selected theaters nationwide on Friday April 24. The movie, which takes place in the city of “brotherly love” Philadelphia, was shot in a mere 21 days. Many rising stars from young Hollywood give outstanding performances in this compelling film.

Cory Hardrict, Eric Hill Jr. Romeo Miller, Jay ‘Lil JJ’ Lewis, Marc John Jeffries, Julito McCullum, Quincy Brown and KeKe Palmer are some of the remarkably talented actors in Brotherly Love. If you remember John Singleton’s 1991 blockbuster film, Boyz in the Hood,then millennials will be sure to enjoy “Brotherly Love” as it shares similar themes that are relatable to a new generation of urban youth.


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