The Root Of It All

I absolutely love writing about fashion and makeup! I’ve even reached the point of realizing that I have a shopping…PROBLEM! Haaa! I tell women all of the time that a new outfit and that perfect red lipstick can change your life! But….Before you put on the new outfit and before you throw on that new lipstick, there are issues that need to be addressed.


Contrary to the image that the media and even our peers like to portray, there are hurting women surrounding us on a daily basis. At some point in our lives we were told that we were too tall, too dark, too thin, too fat, or not good enough. As women, we tend to function or even make decisions off of the way we feel. Someone telling us things like this makes us feel worthless, shameful, and like we’ll never amount to much. Since we often times hear these things when we’re young, we grow up believing them. The older we get the more things we pile on top of our original feeling. A five minute feeling of “ouch” turns into over 15 years of feeling inadequate.

Now what?! Well, since we are women…we were taught to be strong, independent, self sufficient people who don’t need validation from anyone. As a twenty-three year old college graduate you have learned that the world really is full of endless possibilities. As a thirty-six year old business owner, you understand that life doesn’t always play fair, but you’re a testimony to the scripture that says “…all things work together for the good of them that love Him [God].” But what about that nine year old you who was told she could never be a lawyer because her mother was a drug user? What about that eleven year old you who cried the night your father left…and never came back? What about that fifteen year old you who was jealous of the popular girls in school because they had long hair, bright skin, and cute boyfriends, and all you had was a Jeri curl, dark skin, wide feet, and a senseless imagination? What happened to that girl?!

She’s still there. She just needs to hear three words. You are beautiful.

According to the Webster Dictionary, the word beautiful means “possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc…”

Everything that you need to succeed in life is not randomly thrown out into the world waiting on you to find it. You possess it! It’s already yours because You are beautiful! The new wardrobe and the face full of makeup is fun in the moment, but you need to know that even without all the extras, You are beautiful. So what if you never meet your dream guy, have a lavish wedding, and pop out four healthy babies?! Guess what..?!!! You are STILL beautiful. Love the woman that God created you to be. Why?! Because You. Are. Beautiful!!

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