Late Nights & Early Mornings = My huSTLe.

late nights early mornings

Shifting Seasons.

My body has unexpectedly kicked into overdrive. I’ve noticed that this usually happens to me every year, towards the end of  winter and early spring. I’ve also noticed this trend of becoming both a ‘night owl and early bird’ occurs right before something huge takes place. When this first started happening to me, I believe I was in college. I probably didn’t notice it because as a college student, the bulk of your life is spent staying up into the wee hours of the morning, sleeping for a few and then waking up to start your day – which probably explains the need for the casual midday catnap. Reflecting over the last few years, I initially used to try to force myself to sleep when this shift occurred. Back then, I didn’t understand that my body, or spiritual self, knew something that I didn’t. During this season, I unknowingly was being prepared to graduate to the next best level of myself – spiritually, professionally and personally. Now that I understand what’s happening, I don’t fight the shift anymore. I graciously receive it and GET TO WORK! Obviously, I’m up late because my sleep can wait. There are things in this season that need to be completed within this timeline. One of my largest life lessons has been that every opportunity has a deadline. Once you’ve learned this, and understand its severity, you will give it your all and truly begin to exude the term, ‘live with no regrets.’

Take a look back and reflect on your life. What trends have been consistent for you over the years? Use these occurrences as preparation to further push you into your destiny. Once I understood that my late nights and early mornings always came before I walked into an elevated level of greatness, I accepted it and acted accordingly. There’s always a preparatory process before the promise. If you sleep through the preparation stage, you’ll delay getting to the promise, just like if you spend most of your time in your dreams, you’ll have a seemingly longer journey in turning them into your reality. The earlier you awake, the more hours you have in a day. WAKE UP and GO GET IT!

“Be ready so you won’t have to get ready.” – Debbie Lenoir


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