How to Get Rid of Flabby Arms in 3 Easy Excercises


1. Triceps Dips


All you need is a stable chair!

Place your hands shoulder-width apart with your back facing the chair. Your legs should be bent on the floor about hip-width and your back relatively close to the chair. Now straighten out your arms but be sure to keep your elbows slightly bent. Then slowly bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor until your arms are at about 90 degree angle (you will feel tension in the flabby part – your triceps) then press with your arms and push yourself back up to the starting position.

Repeat 10-15 times

2. Triceps Extension


You will need a one to two pound weight!

Stand with soft bent knees – not locked. Straighten your arms while your elbows are next to your ears. Now bend your elbows at 90 degrees. Then squeeze your triceps to straighten your arms.

Repeat 10-15 times

3. Push-Ups

push ups

All you need is a floor!

Get on the floor with your hands shoulders-length apart. Keep your elbows close to your side and then lower your body. Then return to starting position. If you find it too hard, change your starting position so that your knees are bent and touch the floor.

Repeat 10-15 times.



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