Mini Tips


Hope everyone has had a great week and has put more thought into health, wellness and fitness!  So, I promised last week that I will give you all a better understanding of what kind foods you should be taking in.

You definitely want to take careful consideration as to what types of foods you’re consuming.  Staying away from anything with high fructose syrup which includes juices, cupcakes, cookies and things of the sort will definitely be beneficial. All foods with fructose syrup contain Trans fats that you definitely want to stay away from.  Drink lots of water! If you want something sweet, turn to fruits instead, it’s really important for your body to gain all of the essential vitamins from foods in order for your body to function the way it’s supposed to function.  Instead of eating white rice, white bread, regular pasta, try substituting for better grains such as brown rice, 100% Whole Wheat bread & whole wheat pastas.

Carbs are your friends! You need carbohydrates for energy distribution throughout the body.  It’s important to understand when you can have your Carb intake.  Carbs should be eaten earlier in the morning and can also be eaten pre-workouts and post-workouts.  You want your carb intake to provide you with energy before working out so that you have the energy, mobility and momentum to perform the exercises you need, then after working out, you need to replenish your body with some more energy, with some carbs (can be grains or even fruit) and protein!

When eating healthy, please don’t consider it a diet, consider this a lifestyle change! It is important to eat often, I typically eat every 2 hours or sometimes every hour but my intake is always something that’s good for me like e.g. an apple, a pear, banana, some Greek plain yogurt, cottage cheese (1% or no fat) with real fruit (add granola when its early in the day), nuts or pop chips.  My lunches and dinners are pretty portioned, I don’t feel the need to binge or overindulge on foods because I am constantly fueling my body with healthy snacks.

When you eat well, you sleep well and you’re at a different level; mentally and spiritually.  I absolutely LOVE quinoa, if you want to stay away from heavier healthy carbs like brown rice and whole wheat pasta, you would love quinoa also because it is loaded with protein and also considered a super-food!  It takes about 25 minutes to make, I always get organic quinoa that’s 100% whole grain.  I eat quinoa with chicken, salmon, ground turkey, or even with just vegetables.  After I began training, I have dramatically lessened my sodium intake which helps drastically with bloating.  I use absolutely no salt on my food! Haha.  I am huge on Cayenne Pepper and I season my food with lemon, garlic cloves, peppers, onions, spinach and all of the things that are possibly good for you. Sweet potatoes are so yummy and good for you as well.  The more I learn the more I will share!

I hope these mini tips are helpful as you begin this journey. Until next week..

– Uniquely yoUrs, D


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