Couple’s Therapy – March 30th


I’m sure by now you all know the love I have for everything Syleena Johnson! I was actually her assistant and attended a lot of her studio sessions in Atlanta during the making of her latest album, Chapter 6 – Couples Therapy. So to find out that this album was made into a musical movie, STARRING HERSELF and a great cast full of INDEPENDENT ARTISITS including Willie Taylor (former member of the group Day 26), Dave Hollister (appeared on 2Pac’s “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” Keep Ya Head Up,” & former member of the group Blackstreet) and soulful songstress Leela James, she’s proven once again that you don’t need the backing of a huge label or organization to accomplish your dreams – nothing is impossible. I know how hard her and the team work to turn their dreams into reality and I couldn’t be more happy, encouraged and supportive of them.

Everyone please be sure to check out Syleena’s new movie, Couples Therapy, TONIGHT on BET at 8p EST

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