Uncertainty Along the Journey

“Until you can bring people into the place of your uncertainty, you will be stuck in the middle of your journey.” – T.D. Jakes

Everyone needs help sometimes. You don’t have to be invincible (or appear to be). Lower your pride and ego to communicate your deficiencies. The sooner you realize that you need help and you receive that help, the sooner your life will change for the better. The place where you are right now requires help. You can’t figure this out without assistance. You can’t get pass this. You are stuck right here in your journey. Does your journey mean more to you than your pride? HUMBLE YOURSELF.

Compromise your pride to leave this place (predicament, situation, circumstance, etc). ARROGANCE ALWAYS DESTROYS OPPORTUNITY. In order to get into your next season in life, you will have to let in the person (or people) God brings into your life to help you out. I know that you’ve closed the door, built walls, fences, gates and everything else to protect your heart, passions and dreams but in doing so you’ve also blocked the good Godly things from entering in. It’s time to leave this place…Ask, Recognize AND Receive the help that God is sending to you. Don’t lock it out while trying to “protect” yourself.

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