Pick Up the Phone

pick up the phone

Because a text won’t always suffice.

There’s nothing like actually having a REAL conversation with your friend and catching up on each other’s life. No text can compare to verbal communication when checking on someone or sharing life’s updates . You’ll be surprised by the substance and depth that’s revealed to you from just one phone call.

The other day I called my best friend just to briefly check in on her. We text weekly so it wasn’t as if I hadn’t heard from her in a while but when scrolling to her name to text something told me to, “Pick Up the Phone!” What started off as a, “I was just calling to see how you were doing,” conversation ended over an hour later. Who knew we had so much to catch up on?! I mean we talk every week, sometimes multiple times a week. But after that conversation, I truly understand that talking and texting are absolutely different.

This week, we challenge you to PICK UP THE PHONE and call someone whom you usually text! Or better yet, call someone who you haven’t texted or spoken to in a while. Your phone call could truly be the exact thing you BOTH need.


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