No More Short Cuts

no more shortcuts

My Senior year of college I went to Italy for a study abroad program over my winter break. During my 2 week stay, I unknowingly lost a ton of weight because we were literally walking EVERYWHERE and the food was way more healthy over there of course (the portion sizes were smaller as well). Once I returned to the States, with much help from my friends who had not saw me for the past month and my baggy clothing, I began to notice my “effortless” weight loss. Inspired by the mire thought that I lost weight just from walking more and drinking lots of water, I decided that I would take NO MORE SHORTCUTS. I intentionally stopped taking the shuttle bus to class, cutting across the grass and I even totally cut soda out of my diet since I rarely drank any in Europe.

I realized that my convenient, “get there faster” methods were honestly hurting me. Who knew?! Initially, I stopped taking these “shortcuts” to help me lose an extra pound without “much effort” but looking back, I now realize that discipline in the “small” things – that seemed harmless – actually spilled over into the big things in my life.

Once you understand that shortcuts are only disguised barriers that will eventually set you back in the long run, you too will choose discipline over distance the first time.

I learned that when I stopped trying to take shortcuts in life, that is when the “weight” truly began to fall off…seemingly effortlessly.

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