Personal Strength for the Day

cs lewis


Lately I have found myself using the same 6 words when trying to encourage others, and even myself, during daily encounters. “Keep Pressing and Stay in Action!” I created this quote while at work 2 weeks ago while writing an e-mail and it’s been my foundation to not give up ever since. Something so simple, immediately endowed me in it’s powerfulness.

“Keep Pressing.” How often do we want to quit or take a break when life gets hard or unexpected circumstances try to knock us off our focus? “Stay in Action.” The strength that’s required for movement when you are both physically and mentality tired of “life’s fight” is immeasurable. For me, I believe the most powerful, or challenging part of living out this quote isn’t the continuous effort that you need to ‘keep pressing’ or the perseverance that’s required in order to ‘stay in action’ but the difficulty of the “AND.” Because you can indeed do one without the other, ‘And’ requires you to somehow do them both while in the midst of such a draining and “powerless” time.

To ‘keep pressing’ speaks more to your mentality and willpower when going up against challenging times. To ‘stay in action; is all about your physical ability to doing what needs to be done despite how you may think, feel or how things may look.

Some of you may have had a great year so far and others may struggle just to get out of the bed in the morning. No matter what your current circumstance may be, these words of encouragement will help you today, tomorrow and forever. Everyone who has breath within them is in 1 of these 3 places in life – just getting out of life’s trouble, in the midst of it, or is about to get into some trouble – so this will always remain relevant. As we’re in our final month of 2014’s first quarter, I challenge you to not only remember these words but to also do your best in exuding them every day of 2015 —  “Keep Pressing AND Stay in Action!”

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