What to Do When Surrounded by Married Friends!

true story


Are you the “oddball” out right now? I know I am.

A lot of people I know are finding their one true love, getting married and having babies! Me? Well, I’m still focusing on me. I’ve learned that everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to. While my best friends and even the elders in my family are trying to marry me off, my focus is elsewhere. They are legacy building…and I am too – only differently! They are building a family, I am building an empire. Both are equally important and there’s no specific order as to which should come first. My friends are married to their soul-mate, I am married to my passions. They are pregnant with babies, I am pregnant with purpose! Do I want to get married and have children? Of course! But that doesn’t have to happen right now.

We all are running at various paces in this race called Life. Realize that in this season of your life, you may be running a cross country marathon and those around you are running a sprint. Focus on your race and enjoy the simple things in life…like food! (not too much though lol).

I actually enjoy being the “oddball.” I’m in no rush to change my life and my journey is quite fulfilling. I’ll get married when I’m supposed to but until then…pass the rolls please!

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