How To Ask A Woman On A Date

Relationship advice

Let me start by making a disclaimer; this is MY OPINION and how I desire things to be done! Now with that being said, let’s dig into the topic of dating, courting and the beginning stages of a relationship. The following steps are what I believe every Future Husband should take while seeking his mate!

Step 1: The Introduction
Men, when approaching a woman of interest, please…PLEASE don’t try to get her attention by using the following words: Aye, Yo’, Ma, Aye Girl, Sexy, Sweetie, Beautiful, Gorgeous or anything of the like. Now don’t get me wrong, those last two could be acceptable but will quickly be ignored if they are screamed from across the street. Most women would like to be approached like a lady. Men, be respectful and approach her like a gentlemen. “Excuse me” is a perfect introduction.

After captivating her attention with a simple, “Excuse me” or “Hello,” create conversation by first asking her name. Our generation is all about speed and sometimes we forget when to take things slow. Fast food, fast cars, 4G, etc etc.. Instead of going straight for the signature punch-line, “Can I have your number,” ask for her name first. This simple, yet very important perquisite question, is essential in the introduction phase of the dating process. Because asking for her name before asking for her number is a rarity, that question is sure to set you apart from the crowd and result in you not only receiving her number but her interest.

Followed by asking her name, make small talk and compliment her. “How are you?” “What’s your profession?” “You’re gorgeous.” “You have a beautiful smile.” “How long have you been living here?” Honestly, anything besides the usual, “Hey, may I have your number” introduction will give you bonus points!

Step 2: The Initiation

Once you’ve received her number your work has not ended which leads us to the next step in the beginning stages…The Initiation. We all know how the initiation stage usually goes. After the exchange of numbers, each party waits at least two to three days before reaching out to the other. This “game” of waiting is normally played so that one won’t look too anxious or desperate. Men, now that we are out of high school AND college, there’s really no need for a delay.

  1. Women like to feel desired. 9 times out of 10, a woman won’t be the first person to reach out and initiate conversation with you.
  2. As the pursuer, if you were to call (or in 2015 texting is acceptable…I guess) the next day after receiving her number, it wouldn’t be seen as a sign of desperation but interest.
  3. The sooner you initiate, the sooner you all can get the ball rolling!

Step 3: The First Date

From what I’ve heard, chivalry is not dead.

After conversing and getting comfortable with each other, men, ask the woman on a date. The first date doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or over the top, but it does have to be special. Open doors, pay for everything, give her compliments, be a gentlemen…in a nutshell, make her feel special. Leave an impression. Treat her how you would want a man to treat your mother, sister, daughter or niece on a date. Be personable, be yourself and make sure that after the date she wants to tell all her friends about you. 😉

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