Live Coverage: EVERY PRAISE GRATEFUL CONCERT Presented by Hezekiah Walker

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The Every Praise Grate Concert presented by Hezekiah Walker will definitely go down in history as a night to remember.

Special Guest performance by DeWayne Woods help set the tone for the night when he reminded us all to “Let Go and Let God.” J.J. Hairston followed suit by ministering a word of encouragement that there will be glory “After This” and Bishop Hezekiah Walker made sure that we remained “Grateful” no matter what our current circumstances may look like. As always, Vashawn Mitchell expressed the entirety of God while singing “Nobody Greater” and Tasha Cobbs let the anointing flow, tore down all strongholds and encouraged attendees to rise up and “Break Every Chain.” Erica Campbell (from Mary Mary) concluded the concert with the notion of crying our last tear, “Yesterday.”

This concert was everything I needed and more. It was a great break from life’s fight and filled with immeasurable refreshments and edification.

Clips of performances posted below:

J.J. Hairston – After This:

Hezekiah Walker – Grateful:

Vashawn Mitchell – Nobody Greater:

Tasha Cobbs – Break Every Chain:

Erica Campbell – Yesterday:


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