Day 1 – No More Waiting

No More Waiting.

no more waiting

Today was the day that I no longer delayed and put off my workout goals. I kept finding every reason not to go. Let me write first, I have to send out some e-mails, oh – I wonder if my roommate will join me, I’ll just go after my noon conference call meeting. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It was 1:54p, the conference was scheduled for noon and has yet to happen. What’s stopping me? Why am I consistently procrastinating and putting off working out? Are there any cons to working out? NO! Only pros, which answers every question of why my mind fights my body so much when it comes to working out. But today, today I had enough! With or without someone, I went. Whether the conference call happened or not, I went. Regardless if I had to send e-mails while walking on the treadmill, I went. Even if I had to write late into the midnight hours, I WENT. Many say that it takes 21 days to break a habit, well today was my first step in trying to make a habit. Day 1 down, 20 more to go.

So my question is, what’s stopping you? When will enough be enough?

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