Traveling Opened My Eyes to What’s Truly Important

traveling while pregnant

I’m pregnant.

In 2015, so far I’ve learned that you can do everything you want to do and travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world but if you aren’t fulfilling and taking care of what’s been placed inside of you, you can still feel unsatisfied.

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely grateful for every blessing and opportunity I’m presented with but I know there’s more to life. I’m called to help people. I’m satisfied and most at peace when I’m doing the Lord’s will. Granted, it’s not always as easy or fun as traveling but it what I’m here for. Couture Swagg is not only my business but my ministry. And even in the most beautiful & peaceful places on this earth, I can do nothing but think, plan and pray about how to feed my baby. You see, I’m pregnant again. There’s life growing inside of me. I don’t know it’s gender but I know I’m close to delivery because the contractions are keeping me up at night.

Just last year I was pregnant and experienced these same symptoms. I thought that I would have time to raise my first baby before birthing the next but that’s what happens when you’re married to Love. It’s in those most intimate moments that you become impregnated with life. Those moments that you’re so caught up in the passion that you forget about the plan. Those moments that you just let go and let God take control.

If I see all of the world but don’t fulfill the desires of my heart, then was it really worth it?

It’s scary sometimes to think of the unknown. It’s even more scary to think of living an unsatisfied life. Yes, traveling the world is one of my favorite pastimes and passions but it’s not the entirety of my ministry. To travel the world is a part of my process though and for that I am extremely thankful. There is always a preparatory process before the promised promotion. Traveling provides me with great exposure. Exposure is needed for elevation.

Couture Swagg’s motto is “It’s Your Walk.” Which speaks to your journey. Your journey is all of what you make it. As I continue to walk along my journey, I will continue to take in the sights of the world, while turning my dreams into my reality. Life requires balance. Work AND Relaxation is needed. Traveling while being pregnant opened my eyes to what’s truly important.

Find your balance and birth your baby.

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