Just Do It.

just do it

The struggle between your mind and body when it comes to working out is real. You can make up your mind that with or without an accountability partner or some support you’re going to let nothing stop you from going to the gym today…and then the next thing you know, 10:00pm rolls around so you put off that determination until the morning. Well today I’m here to tell you, “Let nothing stop you, JUST DO IT!” Stop what you’re doing and in your next free moment make your way to the gym. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes! 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes. Waiting on people can be your downfall but waiting on yourself WILL be your downfall. What are you waiting for? Why put off for tomorrow that which you can accomplish today? My motto was once, “Make your next move your best move” but now I choose to “Live in this move.” We so quickly postpone things because of how we “feel” or the “timing” but what if you never feel like working out? Or what if you can never find the time? I always say, “You make time for what you really want.” So don’t wait another day, make today the day that you JUST DO IT.

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