Texts of Truth

texts of truth


So this is the random text conversation I had with a friend one day that was sparked from one of my Facebook statuses:

Him: Wait, wait, wait……did I miss something?? Are u trying to say that your actually going to be dating in 2015????

Me: I thought I was for a second but God got me together real quick! I literally only thought I was going to date for less than 24 hours lol

Him: Not to speak against what your saying, but how would one find their mate if they didn’t date?

Me: You don’t need to date or be boyfriend and girlfriend to find your mate. Only a friendship is required. What does dating bring that friendship doesn’t? Kissing? Touching? Sex?…ohhhh, Commitment? Well, commitment can be found in friendship. Right along with exclusivity. When you date, or at least when I date, I date with purpose. Purpose, meaning to get married. When people date they put on their best faces, don’t always show the true them etc etc. But when you’re just friends with someone, you get to know them for them. Friends don’t have to put on their best face because they’re only friends and not trying to prove anything, so what’s to hide? Who’s to front for? It’s in friendship that the true character of someone is revealed. It’s also through friendship that your feelings don’t develop as quickly as they do when dating. See, when dating you do it with purpose, in friendships you do it on purpose. Friendships aren’t usually forced but are genuine and can easily grow because you enjoy being with a person without pressure and can just go with the flow. I know people who married their friend. No dating. No kissing. No sex. But they knew absolutely everything about that person, good and bad. They accepted them for who they are and knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with them. So how again does dating differ from friendship? Hanging out? Him paying? Him opening doors and putting his best foot forward? I’d rather marry my best friend. Because how a man treats you as a friend when he feels there is no chance, is exactly how he’ll treat you after years of marriage.


Long story long, we hope this helps you along your 2015 journey of companionship.

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