2015 Beauty Tips

Less IS More.

bad make up

We would love to end this post with the above picture and those 3 words, “Less is More,” but we know that just wouldn’t be right so below we’ve constructed a short and simple list of beauty tips to carry you through 2015.

1. Natural Face

We believe that make-up was created to enhance what’s already there. You’re naturally beautiful. If you desire to wear make-up, use it as an enhancer not creator. No more with the painted on eyebrows and highlighter “contouring.” Make sure everything blends and only adds to your beauty, not takes away.

2. Eyelashes

When it comes to your eyelashes, we prefer mascara! Mascara, when applied correctly, brings volume and precision to your lashes and gives your eyes that extra POP. If you would rather apply eyelashes than mascara, then we suggest individuals. They last longer and depending on the length, look more natural. If you must have the strips, for everyday wear, please…PLEASE don’t get the heavily exaggerated lashes that weigh your eyelids down. Leave those for special occasions. 🙂

3. Nude Lipstick

If you are a nude lipstick lover, all we ask is that you get the nude that matches your skin shade.

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