Levels of Friendships

Friendship can be defined in many ways. None more important than others but we believe that it’s important to categorize friends. Once people show you who they are than you are able to deal with them accordingly. Below is a top 3 list of friendship categories. Of course there are many more but we believe that these 3 will help you along your friendship journey.

1. Best Friends – Those you trust wholeheartedly. You can tell them almost anything, they support you, sincere, correct you when wrong, forgiving, hold you accountable and are reliable. In other words, you’re best friends are sort of like your “everything friends.” Granted, you can’t fully count one one person for absolutely everything and you also can put your totally dependence on one person, but your best friend is the person who will be there with you through thick and thin.

2. Shopping Friends – Those who you can count on to join you on any activity. You may not can trust your shopping friends with any of your secrets but you can depend on them to be ready to hang out at the drop of a dime. You all can go shopping together, parties, dinner, etc etc. This person isn’t usually the person you call on when the going gets tough, but if you’re looking for someone fun to accompany you for a night out on the town, your “shopping friend” is exactly that person.

3. Long-Handed Spoon Friends – Those you love from a distance. You can’t really rely on these type of friends nor do you want to hang out with them regularly but you respect them enough to still call them your friend. Because of previous experiences, they are probably more than an associate but less than the best. Your history together makes you not completely do away with your friendship all together, but it is also that same history that makes you keep them as far away from your personal life as your hand is to your mouth when eating with a long-handed spoon.

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