How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Time and time again I tell myself, “I’m going to start working out tomorrow..” but for a long time, tomorrow never came. Have you ever sat on the couch or laid in the bed, convincing yourself to get up and go to the gym? It can literally go on for hours on end, and then by the time you’re almost motivated enough to go, you’ve probably wasted so much time that you finally decide to put it off until tomorrow. Then the guilt sets in. Momentarily. And after quickly moving pass the guilt, the cycle begins again. Below, we’ve created a list to help you get going!

1. What’s Stopping You – Ask yourself, what’s holding me back from exercising? Why am I consistently procrastinating? Am I being lazy? Do I not have time? Am I not willing to make time? Do I believe I look fine just the way I am? Am I not concerned about my health? One you find out what’s stopping you, no longer let it hold you back. Just like anything obstacles in life, find out your problems and work towards your solution.

2. Find Your Why – If your why is big enough, nothing can stop you. Focus on your why. Ask yourself, what’s your why? Do you want to be sexy? In good health? Fit into those jeans from 5 years ago? Always remember, anything worth having is worth working for.

3. Make Up Your Mind – Determination is key to unlock perseverance. Once you make up your mind, nothing can stop you. It’s not the physical aspect of working out that may be holding you back, it’s the mental. Your thoughts control your actions. So, change your mind and change your life.

4. Set a Goal for Yourself – Goals are your friends! Setting short term goals, for example, working out twice a week, helps to bring the light at the end of the tunnel a bit closer. Making achievable short terms goals will help you to accomplish your long term — end point goals..

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