She DID That!!!

This may be “old news” in the world of fashion and entertainment…but this is my article…so let me express my feelings.

I am not one who is big on celebrity gossip or societal news…but….honeyyyyy!!! Solange Knowles- Ferguson’s wedding pictures?!?!? Slayeddddddd!!! In other words…She DID That!!

First of all, I feel as though any and everyone can pull off an all-black outfit/party, but taking the risk of having an all-white event is not any easy task. But, this family did it right! Solange did what I feel as though every bride should do. She had a wedding that was a reflection of who she is. It wasn’t an elaborate, glamorous production full of flowers, and candles, and a trumpet style dress, and 15 bridesmaids. It was eclectic yet spunky, but it was filled with class and style. When designer Humberto Leon said that he wanted Solange to “look like a queen,” he accomplished that very thing.

Her wedding pictures deserve to be on the cover of a high-end fashion magazine! I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to replicate the, now infamous, photo of her with the bridal party. Absolutely Stunning!!! And, am I the only one who smiled as soon as I saw the pic of Solange and her hubby behind the white bicycles?! I know pictures don’t tell everything about a person, but for one moment in time, you could tell that the love was there.

As you can see in my infinite number of exclamation points, I am in love with this wedding! The world that we live in is so hard on female celebrities. From the “Who Needs a Facelift?” to the “Best Dressed List,” there’s so much negative pressure on these women, and I am so happy to see not only a woman display such elegance on her wedding day, but to see a Black FAMILY come together and shut the internet down for 3 hours is saying a lot!! Mrs. Solange Knowles- Ferguson, I pray nothing but blessings to you and your family. You just showed us what real beauty looks like!


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