Nature’s Flower

Chrisette Michele

I’m sorry guys, but you can’t imagine my excitement when I saw that Chrisette Michele was debuting her EP “The Lyricists Opus” in less than 2 weeks! The humility and softness in her voice draws each listener in and it makes them want more.
Michele released a little preview to “the Lyricists Opus” album called Super Chris. It is evident that she put all of her heart and soul into this track and it leaves you speechless. Who can sit in a studio with an acoustic guitar, and spend 3 minutes scatting a song?! Chrisette Michele can!
During her interview with, Michele describes how she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity! She’s a fan of everyone’s music. This is a trait that is rare among mainstream artist today. See full video below:
There are not many words in the dictionary that can accurately describe the talent that’s in Chrisette Michele. But, if I had to pick a few: raw, dope, unique, and non- traditional all come to mind. I was quite worried that her character might be put to the test when I saw that she was going to be a cast member of R&B Divas. I was wrong!! She held her own. Chrisette kept her focus on her music, but she also gave new meanings to the words loyalty and friend.
Both beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, Chrisette Michele is on her way to the #1 spot of my favorite artists (she’s second only to the gorgeous Lalah Hathaway!). Her attitude and outlook on life through her music motivates me to dream more and to take a giant step of faith into the unknown. She is fearless and a huge gift to the music industry.
I am definitely ready to get my hands on “the Lyricists Opus.” TODAY!!
For a closer look into her every day life, visit her website

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