Pleasing Others


This week I faced a common battle; failure to meet the expectations of another. Innately, we humans believe that it is our duty to live up to the expectations of every person that expects something of us. At times, what they expect or desire from us coincides with what we want from ourselves but we know our capabilities and priorities better. Yet, we decide to walk in a way that will make another human smile and when we stumble we feel ashamed, upset, and embarrassed. But truth be told, we knew that the way we were waking didn’t fit us.

Pleasing others

                 I challenge you to realize how you are walking and who you are walking for. You will find that it changes depending on who the person is to you. It’s your walk and you have to walk it the way you walk. Honestly, you’d be surprised that people like the authentic you a lot better.

-Truly Uniquely yoUrs

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