How to End Rumors

From personal experiences, rumors hurt – especially when your friends believe them or help to spread them but I’ve come to learn that all rumors can be dispelled through communication and truth. Below, we’ve compiled a list of how to end rumors. Enjoy!

1. Speak up for yourself.

Don’t act as if you don’t know what people are saying about you. Confront the source. Playing dumb won’t help the situation any but hurt it. Don’t give room people any room to believe the lies that are being spread.

2. Don’t sweat it.

Or at least never let “them” see you sweat. Avoid acting openly angry, upset, or hurt about the rumors. No matter how hurtful or mean the rumors may be, reacting publicly will only make the other side think that they have won.

3. Eye for an eye.

This is a BIG no-no! Fighting fire with fire will only make matters worse. People will respect you more, and even better, you will have more respect for yourself when you choose to take the higher road.

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