Mind over Matter

mind over matter

Biggest challenge while getting into a new fit and healthy lifestyle routine would be the mental aspect of it.  Mentality is key.  Keeping a strong outlook on WHY YOU STARTED the goals you want to obtain and WHAT YOU WILL DO to stay on track is more than half the battle. You must give yourself time to progress and see improvements week by week.  For example, when getting my cardio workout done, some days I’m pumped and so excited to kick my own butt and there’s other days when my body is dragging on me. You have to keep pushing yourself knowing that you need to just get through those 45-60 mins of cardio even though you could easily spend those 45-60 mins doing something totally unrelated to your fitness goals.

Stay strong…Mentally! Keep going even when you feel like quitting because when you push yourself through the toughest days, you will breeze through the easy ones!

‘It’s not what you wish for, its what you work for”, this is the most motivating quote to me and luckily I see it every day while working out because it’s on my workout cup. Find something that keeps you going.  Whether it’s a picture, quote or anything!

-Uniquely yoUrs, Dianelis


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