Oooweee…Big Girl, Don’t Wear That!!

Plus Size Shoppers Speak Up

FACT…if I feel like wearing horizontal stripes, white pants (after Labor Day), a two- piece swimsuit, and a pair of Daisy dukes, that is my prerogative!! If you have a problem with that, then you have permission to deposit an infinite amount of money into my bank account that will go toward a wardrobe that meets your approval.

I am so tired of people (including certain designers) telling the plus size community what we should and shouldn’t wear. It is almost as if being fashionable has a size restraint, and if you don’t fall into certain parameters then you are not considered stylish. Granted, plus size fashion has made A LOT of steps forward in getting the world to accept us. But, there is still a very large elephant in the room that needs to be exposed.

Boycotting Target

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Full- figured bloggers and enthusiasts are doing their very best to draw attention to this issue at hand. In August 2014, one of the most prominent voices in plus size blogging, Garner Style, wrote a letter to Target removing her support from the company all together. The reason behind this is because Target introduced a new collection from Altuzarra for Target, and out of all 50+ pieces…none of them were available in a plus size. Now, as a frequent shopper of Target I completely understand the frustration of Garner Style’s article. She didn’t just send them a letter explaining her disappointment. She also issued a boycott of all Target merchandise. For someone who has thousands of readers subscribed to her blog, Ms. Garner Style has taken a huge step forward for plus size women all over the world.

If I walk into any major department store or fashion retailer, I can usually tell where the plus size section is just by looking at the types of clothes offered in that section. If I see cute, trendy clothes on the rack I’m going to assume that I’m in the juniors or Misses department. If I see frumpy clothes, and a bunch of pants with elastic around the waist then I am, most likely, in the plus size department. I used to hate going to Sears! But, once they introduced the Beverly Drive collection I went visit more often. Now, the selection is getting sparse again so I don’t go anymore. On the other side, my “average” size friends are bragging about their new outfit from the Kardashian Collection for Sears that they just bought last week. What the heck is wrong with this picture?!

**pause for a deep breath**


Let me take this time to commend Ashley Stewart, Forever 21, H&M, Torrid, and all of the other retailers out there who understand that full- figured women size 14 and up also want to look fabulous in a pair of pleather leggings and denim vest. Thank you for understanding that we are people who don’t mind spending money on QUALITY products. As long as it looks good, feels good, and at an acceptable price we are yours!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO YOUR SHOPPERS!

-Uniquely yoUrs, Stephanie B

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  1. The struggle is real girl! I think because it is so hard to find stylish plus size clothes, it has forced me to be creative and kept me step above the rest.

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