Sister, Sister

Sister Sister

I remember while growing up I would watch the TV show Sister, Sister and fantasize that my relationship with my sister was just as great. One sister was geeky and the other was popular, one was goofy and the other serious, one was mature and the other still had some growing up to do. In many ways the characters of these sisters resembled that of me and my sister. Yet, we didn’t appreciate and love each other like they did.

My older sister and I have had many stages of our relationship. I remember a time, when we were younger, that I absolutely adored my sister. She spent time with me, helped me with homework, let me sleep with her during thunderstorms, and we talked as if we were the best of friends. However, at some point in our relationship things seemed to just fall apart. My sister enjoyed the company of her friends and the guy she was interested in more than me and in retaliation I became extremely bratty.


Recently, my sister and I have begun to enjoy each other again and it has been wonderful. However, I no longer fantasize a perfect relationship between us. I do realize that with maturity we have come to accept each other but and ourselves as well. I also realized there are some connections that only a person that has the same parents and lived in the same house as you can have. I tried to have friends to fill the closeness I desired from my sister but I have realized that she is one of a kind and our relationship is as well.

If you have an estranged sister let her know that you care, be her friend, embrace her love, and most of all realize the uniqueness of the relationship you all share.

– Uniquely yoUrs, Sier(r)a

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