Relationship Swagg

relationship swagg

The first relationship every woman should have is with herself. I’ve never dated before, but I’ve taken myself on the best dates ever. I have no problem seeing movies alone on Valentine’s Day or grabbing at table for one at an upscale restaurant on a Friday night. If you don’t know how good things can be when you’re alone then you don’t know your value. When you walk confidently, love interests are sure to follow. Here’s a list of 10 things women can do to embrace their “relationship swagg” before sharing it with anyone else.


  1. Eat dinner alone. Don’t sit at the bar, ask for a table and slowly eat your meal with a glass of wine and don’t skip dessert. Enjoy every minute of this down time.
  1. Go to a concert. Let yourself get swept away with the crowd’s excitement and scream on top of your lungs.  This may a good first solo activity to try if you’re not ready to isolated.
  1. Turn off your phone and detox from the outside world. Try to disconnect from online as well. Spending the day out of reach gives you a greater sense of self-awareness. You’re important even if that special someone doesn’t call or your friends are updating their Facebook and you haven’t done anything picture worthy lately. There’s nothing like feeling choosing to be uninvolved as opposed to waiting for someone to validate your existence.
  1. Stay at home even when you have invites to go out. You don’t have to leave your spot because people want you to. Instead, catch up on sleep or get organized around the house. Doing this will make you feel like your life and needs are top priorities.
  1. Go on vacation. Sure group rates are cheaper, but with a big group it’s hard to convince everyone to hit the spots you want. Even if you do a staycation, it’s fun to escape your usual surroundings and get in relaxed state of mind.
  1. Watch a movie you want to see the day it comes out. If you don’t see it then you might end up putting it off until it comes on DVD. You can tell your friends how good it is after.
  1. Fix something yourself. Maybe put together a table from Ikea or use a ladder to change an out of reach light bulb, whatever you decide to do, you’ll feel empowered that you learned a new skill and achieved something you usually get someone else to do.
  1. Find an activity to dedicate yourself to outside of work. You have skills and they should be developed.
  2. Never miss an opportunity to talk to someone interesting. If you’re at a party and the person you’ve been eyeing hasn’t approach you, step away from your friends and try to make a connection alone. Some people are shy and approaching a group can be intimidating. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your swagg.

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