Moving Forward as ME!


Looking into a non-existing mirror, I’ve never seen myself so clearly.
Blemishes, bumps and bruises are inevitably visual all over my face.
I’ve tried every medicine, soap bar and remedy known to man but for some odd reason they choose to stay.
Running to the nearest convenient store to find anything to make them go away,
I grab every foundation within my reach.
Back at home and applying them all just to look into that non-existing mirror again and realize…

They haven’t gone away.

I drop my head in defeat and tears storm down my face.
Angry… that nothing has worked.
Confused… and consciously unaware of what makes my skin different from other.
Hurt… that everyone I’m surrounded by has beautiful flawless skin and once again I’m out casted as the “oddball.”

Walking to my room to cancel my plans for the night I hear an indescribable whisper..
“Beauty is only skin deep. Don’t be distracted. Instead keep moving forward.”
Thoughts of uncomfortable, judgmental stares and awkward whispers quickly consume my mind.
I ignore the initial inspirational whisper and lay in my bed to cry myself to sleep.

Through the tears, I turn over just to glance at the clock as it strikes 8pm.

Then the indescribable whisper comes back.
“8 is the number of new beginnings. Beauty is only skin deep. Don’t be distracted. Instead keep moving forward. It’s time for your new beginning.”

Unknowingly I arise from the bed, get dressed and head to the dinner party.
I walk into the door and am greeted by the host who leads me to my table. Table 8.

I smile to myself.

There I am seated next to the CEO of the world’s largest entertainment agency, “Moving Forward Entertainment.”
She introduces herself and after a 30 minute talk, we exchange business cards and have scheduled lunch for later this week.
As I am leaving the event, I’m stopped by the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.
Slowly approaching me, the first words that he speaks are, “You are absolutely the most gorgeous woman ever.” I respond with a bashful smile.
He continues, “I hope that wasn’t too forward. Hi, my name is Destino. I just couldn’t let you leave for the night without telling you how beautiful you are.

2 years later.

I am now the VP of the largest entertainment agency in the world (Moving Forward Entertainment), have founded my own VERY successful business (New Beginnings), am married to the man of my dreams (Destino) and have thrown that old non-existing mirror away. ONE night changed my life. And to think.. I was going to stay home.
Moving forward, produces new beginnings that manifest your destiny! Let nothing stop you.

The breakdown:
Metaphorically speaking, blemishes, bumps and bruises are our hidden insecurities. The non-existing mirror is any hindrances, obstacles, distractions or HATERS in your life, Destino is Spanish for destiny and the indescribable whisper is our internal overcoming strength; that push through strength; the MOVING FORWARD strength.

Those things we see as hindrances, obstacles or distractions are insecurities placed in your life to keep you from destiny. Instead of letting them stop you, use them as motivators.

No matter what, keep moving forward.

– Uniquely yoUrs, Couture Swagg

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