Legs, Shoulders and ABS

Cape Cod T&Jill

Check me out in the middle!

Below is a leg, shoulder and abs workout that I do on my leg/shoulder and Abs Day.

Warm Up:High Knees – 10
Jump Jacks – 10
Back Squats – 10
Warm Circles – 10
Hugging Arms – 10
Arms up and down – 10
Repeat 3 times
-BB, small step up, and sumo squat down  (feet 90 degrees in, don’t let knees buckle) for 20
-Abdominal Curl Ups on Flat Bench for 20
– Reverse Flies for Rear Dels, DB, bend elbows for 15
Repeat 3 times-Calf Raises – 50
-Cardio for 30 minutes

Legs,Shoulders & ABs Day

-Lunges w/plate held straight up for 12
-Jump Squats– 12
-Lunges w/plate held strait up for 12 (lunge it back to beginning)
-Rest, 60 seconds
-Frontal Raise w/BB or DB (front dels)
-Lateral Military Press with/DB (works rear dels, back of shoulders) sit on stability ball

Done!Before you get started, please make sure you have good posture. It is crucial to avoid injury and also get the proper muscles activated! You want to always keep a good posture on your back so that you are not straining it too much by having a curved arch in the back. For instance, if your performing a squat, keep your feet shoulder width apart, back straight, chest proud and shoulders back to get the maximum exertion and benefits from the exercise.

It’s a MIND GAME! JUST DO IT! Push your body, you’re in control.

– Uniquely yoUrs, D

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