My Couture Swagg is

Taking care of you! Why wouldn’t you? Your body is the only place you live in.  This fitness journey has been something that has evolved for me little by little and has very much shocked me with the direction in which where my plans are going.  I grew up in New Jersey, raised for a bit in New York City until I was 8 before my parents and two older brothers moved to New Jersey.  Even at such a young age, I for some reason felt like I thought a bit deeper than anyone I encountered when I was younger.  I believe its because I feel I have an older soul within myself so I gravitated towards connecting even better with people older than me.

I went to school for marketing then got my master’s degree in communication studies.  I can say that I always considered myself to be the creative type of person.  After graduating college, I started working at a media agency within the advertising industry.  I enjoyed it but I felt like I needed something to fuel me even more within the 3 years of working within media planning.  It wasn’t the industry, it was simply me, learning to grow, learning to embrace me and love who I saw in the mirror, not just physically but within myself.  I began to take zumba classes at my local gym and absolutely loved my zumba instructor.  I decided to get my license to teach Zumba and not until 2 years later I decided to start to teach my own classes, when I felt I was ready.  In Summer 2013, I made a career transition into the fitness industry.  I started working at Equinox for about 1 month, but the commute from New York City into New Jersey with a trainer’s schedule was extremely rough on me and on my husband, whom we’ve dated since high school.  I resigned from Equinox and was just in the market for a position back in media.  I went on interview after interview and still nothing stuck, even while giving it my best foot forward each and everytime.  While searching for a media job again, another personal training opportunity became available with a grand opening club with 24 Hour Fitness, Nanuet NY.  I said, “Hey why not take it, I’m passionate about fitness, let’s just go along with life’s journey”.  Although I wanted to just use my personal training certification as more of a hobby, it ended up becoming my full-time job.  With teaching Zumba classes two times a week, my clientele base grew rapidly.  I was inspired by the Assistant Fitness Managers performance as top trainers with sessions serviced per month and the amount of fitness sales they were able to generate.  I said, “I want to be a top trainer too!” So I keep performing and for consecutive months I was right under their league, consistency with performing and most importantly, building connections with people, just about every single different personality out there.  I was amazed by how I was able to open up, teach, give advice, and take advise to so many different personalities.  It’s helped me grow tremendously as a person because I was really shy growing up.  After almost 9 months, I got promoted to an Assistant Fitness Manager at the same company.  I never saw myself in a leadership position but I’ve definitely learned that I truly love being in a role where I can help guide people and genuinely help people become successful while I also keep learning  along the way.

I am now an OCB Bikini Competitor and a part of an amazing team with the best coach and amazing teammates named Body By Warren, BBW.  With just my 1st competition with him during my warm up show, I placed 2nd place in my class.  Never did I think I would be getting into bodybuilding but I truly love it and it just feeds my soul.  I can sit here and type for hours letting you know so many specifics from my life then to my life now.  But before I begin to give anyone advise on health and fitness, I want you to learn a bit more about me and a little about my background and walk away with one true fact, you NEVER know where life will take you.  I am beyond thankful for all the beautiful experiences I am currently experiencing with my position now, my amazing students from Zumba classes, and my true passion of being a Bikini Competitor.  I want you to dream big, like my dad always told me the last time we had a conversation.  Dream big.  You can do it all.  Whether its physical, mentally, emotionally, all you have to do is perform with a good heart and God just leads the way.

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